Maryse Casol Art Exhibition 2007, Buonanotte

Video : Jennifer Daoust
Photos : Daniel Bernard and Mickaël Casol

2007 : Mickaël Casol, son and art dealer of Maryse Casol, after graduating from the HEC Montreal business school in May, going to France with Desjardins to visit the banks in Paris and Strasbourg, visit his family and explore the French Riviera in the summer, and go for a weekend in a Range Rover to New York City with his friends in September, organized with his fiancée Noriko Emen, a Maryse Casol art exhibition at the Ristorante Buonanotte in Montreal, Canada, inviting the elite of the city, such as Gary and Grace Oberman, Michael and Yolanda Page, lawyers Pierre Saint-Aubin, Piero Biasini and Nicolas Forest of BCF, athlete Nordine Taleb, fashion designer Xochil Lilas and international model Daniel Bernard, on December 4, 2007.

An invitation, as a voyage to the Mediterranean Sea, the Maryse Casol Buonanotte art exhibition starred the 7 paintings : Violon Éternel, Rêveries, Melodia Gitana, Cerisiers en Fleurs, Fado Romantique, Roses et Lys and Murmure de Cithare. To also enrich the evening, our guests could enjoy the 2002 collection published in the CASOL art book, and Maitres et Epigones book by Sam Aberg, for sale at the time at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts boutique, and different libraries such as Renaud-Bray.

Soulful house music and RnB by DJ. Yo-C, vino Italiano, hors d'oeuvres, exotic flowers and great service by our friends at the Buonanotte, made it a special night to remember!

The Private Exhibition

One night only, Maryse Casol private art exhibition at the Ristorante Buonanotte in Montreal, Canada, on December 4, 2007.

Gift for Madame?

Casol women silk scarf
Casol women silk scarf
Famille Casol, France

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