Maryse Casol, January 2018

Maryse Casol, January 2018

The Story of Maryse Casol

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, a little girl who grew up in the country of France, wanted to travel and explore the world. After a few voyages in Europe with her family and school, she finally at 14 years old took the plane alone, to visit her uncle and aunt in America. It was the beginning of a long adventure. Maryse Casol now invites you to discover the amazing treasures and wonders of our universe : memories, dreams, and experiences, that were transformed for your pleasure into Art: photos, music, films, texts, drawings, and paintings. Welcome home!

Casol at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts boutique

Casol at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts boutique

December 7, 2018

The perfect gift? The books and cards of Maryse Casol, one of the greatest artists of the XXth & XXIst century, are now at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts boutique!

Valentina Casol, 3 years old, looking at her grand mother's painting, asks: "Mamie, pourquoi tu fais ça?", and Mamie replied "Parce que je suis peintre et j'adore la couleur ma chérie!":

Maryse Casol

May 2016

Maryse Casol is a French/Italian contemporary artist and creative director at Casol.

Famous for Giving You Summer All Year Around! Maryse Casol liberates you in a constant Joie de Vivre, with vibrant colours, exotic landscapes, blazing still lives and neo-abstract paintings, inspired from the generous sun of the South of France, numerous journeys around the world, and the different cultures of it's people.

On a second, and deeper level, Casol uses the theory of fine arts and literature, to offer you pure spaces, simplicity of the form, greatness and meditative power of the colour, that are conjugated to express the Sublime, the nobility of heart, transcendence, and the Timeless.

Maryse Casol in Elle Spain Magazine, August, 2014

Available for you from Europe to the Americas, the Maryse Casol paintings can be found in private collections, artworks on paper, square silk scarves and notecards in Montreal, New York, Paris, London and many other cities. Maryse Casol is also a published artist, featured in books such as Maîtres et Epigones and magazines such as Elle.

Maryse and Valentina Casol, Peter Doig, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, April 2014

Peter Doig at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

In April 2014, Maryse Casol and her family visited the Peter Doig art exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Canada.

Casol, sponsor of Art Monaco 2011

Art Monaco 2011

In 2011, Casol again had the honour to be one of the sponsors of the Art Monaco fair held on the beautiful Côte d'Azur at the Grimaldi Forum for the second year from March 31 to April 3rd.

Maryse Casol Art Puzzles

Maryse Casol Art Puzzles

December 3, 2009 - Bordeaux, France. Learn art by playing the new Maryse Casol puzzles published by, the largest online media for puzzle games!

Carré Casol

2008, Casol launches a square silk scarf collection made in Lyon, France by Bianchini-Férier, also known as Brochier Soieries, the silk leading firm around the world since 1890. Bianchini were the first ones to work with famous artists such as Dufy, Picasso and Klimt on silk scarf collections. Soon after the launch, the Carré Casol was offered for sale for you at the new boutique on, and exhibited at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts boutique in August, 2008.

Mickael and Noriko Casol, New York City art fairs and auction houses, 2008

To promote the scarves, Mickael Casol, and his soon to be wife Noriko Emen traveled to New York City to have interviews with media, and to the different art fairs of the moment, but also to Paris and Monaco to meet with buyers, and to the UAE for meetings in Abu Dhabi, and to host a conference at the Esmod French Fashion University in Dubai.

March 2006, her son and art dealer, Mickaël Casol, went to Las Vegas to support his friend David Loiseau, fighting in the main event at UFC 58 vs Rich Franklin. During the day, Mickaël walked all the strip, casino by casino, to find an art gallery for his mother Maryse Casol. Every gallery owner said no, but as you learn in martial arts, never give up until you succeed.

2005, Maryse Casol is part of a group exhibition at the HEC Montreal business university during the winter, and later in May had a solo show during a golf tournement, also organized by HEC in Canada.

Maryse Casol, Été Indien, 2003

In 2004, her son Mickael Casol, while still in his first year of business school at HEC Montreal, decided to organize an exhibition in Côte des Neiges near the University. The exhibition was a success, with all the community being present at the event, including friends and family, but also top business executives, lawyers, doctors, athletes, professors and the National TV.

Maryse Casol, after completing her studies in arts in December of 2003 at l'Académie des Arts et Beaux-Arts de Varennes, published her first art book CASOL for $12,000, built a collection of over 30 paintings, and was part of 3 group exhibitions at the Novotel Hotel, Marriott Chateau Champlain Hotel and the Mount Stephen Club.

1998, with a passion for arts, and the desire to express her emotions, Maryse Casol started to study at l'Académie des Arts et Beaux Arts de Varennes in Quebec, Canada with professor Sam Aberg, international art critic and art historian. The practice of Maryse Casol included the rhetoric of the compositional aesthetics of art, both classical and modern, with art history, iconographical, semiotic and philosophical concepts. She also took courses in comparative art criticism covering the various movements in painting. The pleasure Maryse Casol had in composing and creating colours, gave her a focus on the fauvist painters, such as Matisse, Vlaminck and Derain but also the other modern artists such as Picasso, Modigliani, Kees van Dongen and Chagall.

Driven by her love for philosophy and a constant desire for spiritual and mystic transcendence, Maryse Casol also studied at that time, the Scriptures of the Torah, and the thoughts of famous philosophers such as Aristotle, Epictetus, Maimonides and Spinoza.

Famille Casol, Espagne 1986

During the 1980s and 1990s, era when the world lived a recession in the USA, saw the wall of Berlin collapse, and the end of a Millenium, Maryse Casol had a successful career in the business of voyages, starting as a reservation agent for Meliá Tours, to general manager of Utmar Tours, all the way to sales director for Accor Hotels which included the Sofitel, Novotel and Mercure brands.

During those years, Maryse Casol had the privilege for her work to explore many seas and continents, to make new friends and to learn about their cultures and hospitality, in destinations that included the USA, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Cuba, St-Martin, Venezuela and Brazil. You can discover in the artworks of Maryse Casol, the incredible and magnificent landscapes of these countries, the nature, and the joy of living of their people.

In 1977, after graduating from the University of Bordeaux in Literature & Philosophy, Maryse Casol left France to adventure in the Americas, in Montreal, Canada.

La Cantine, 1965

Maryse Casol, her sister Françoise and their friends at La Cantine de l'école in 1965!

Mario his daughter Maryse Casol, France, 1958

Born in Libourne, France in 1957, Maryse Casol started the arts at the age of 2, when her father Mario bought her, her first brushes, paper and colours.

Maryse Casol

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