Carré Casol Launch Party

May 22, 2009

On the Friday May 22, 2009, Maryse Casol launched her new collection of women silk scarves at the Time Supper Club in Montreal, Canada, with a photoshoot and film making of the campaign Je Suis Une Fauve, a fashion show of the Carré Casol, a Samba dance extravaganza, and party with house music and R&B, vodka and chocolate cake!

Made at Brochier Soieries in Lyon, France using the Maryse Casol paintings Melodia Gitana, Hiver à Paris, Fado Romantique and Été Indien, the scarves came to life thank you to models Michèle Lafricain, Gabriela, Cynthia Desrochers and Tamara Singer.

Organized by Noriko Emen and Mickaël Casol, it was a great way to celebrate the coming of spring! Also, thank you very much to our guests who came to the party, everyone on the team who made it possible, and you who bought your Carré Casol online and in stores!

Produced by Casol
Art : Maryse Casol
Concept : Noriko Emen and Mickaël Casol
Silk Scarves : Brochier Soieries
Transport : Air France and Fedex
Video Shoot : Adam Thompson
Video Editing : Jennifer Daoust
Music : Tell Me by David Lopera, Jossef Hennessy, Mickaël Casol, Carlo Simeone and Antonio Diverdis
Photography : Jonathan Abenhaim
Operations : Maiara Manzo
Management : Nicolas Casol
Samba dancers : Rose Santos and Noriko Emen
Image Consulting : Tanya Dossa
Logo Design : Setsuko Fukuzawa
Service : Time Supper Club

The Party

One night only, Maryse Casol launch of the Carré Casol women silk scarves at the legendary Time Supper Club in Montreal, Canada on May 22, 2009, which was also the same day as the 30th birthday of Mickaël Casol, and F1 Grand Prix of Monaco.

Special Extra

Noriko Emen and Rose Santos dancing Samba on Jazz Méditerranée by Henri Salvador!

Love Arts?

Maryse Casol

Été Indien

Maryse Casol

Fado Romantique

Maryse Casol

Hiver à Paris

Famille Casol, France