Cerisiers en Fleurs

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• Artist : Maryse Casol
• Sennelier Oil on Cotton Canvas
• Canvas : Bambino Gianfrancesco
• 36" x 48" - 91 cm x 122 cm
• Signed Casol at the bottom right
• 2005
• Made in Canada
• Studio photo of the artwork : Daniel Charpentier
• Photos Buonanotte : Daniel Bernard

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Make your home or office legendary, buy now your Maryse Casol painting Cerisiers en Fleurs!

"J'adore cette région, le soleil, la mer, les gens, les fleurs, les fruits et légumes frais, le Mont Canigou au loin, le parfum dans l'air, les cigales, la musique... tout!" : Maryse Casol.

In the small village of Baho, near Perpignan in the Pyrénées-Orientales, France at the border of Spain, comes a time of the year in the spring when the cherries blossom. Maryse Casol here with Cerisiers en Fleurs, takes you to this magnificent moment in time, when the warm sun shines on your face, combined with the fresh perfume of the cherry flowers, the music in the accent of the Catalan people, and the amazing views on the distant Canigou mountain, still covered with snow.

Painted by Maryse Casol in 2005, using Sennelier oil made in Paris, France at 3 Quai Voltaire facing the Louvre (painting of choice by the greatest artists since 1887, such as Degas, Cézanne and Picasso) , on a custom cotton canvas, mounted on a frame in linden wood made by Bambino Gianfrancesco, owner of Les Cadres et Moulures Majestic, one of the best Italian artisans in the world.

Graduate from the Istituto Tecnico Settore Tecnologico school in Campobasso, Mr. Bambino was also a Track and Field Champion in Europe in the 1960s before coming to Canada!

"Linden wood is the best and most solid, ordinary canvases are usually mounted on pine (lighter wood with knots, that deforms over time due to changing climatic conditions)" : Maryse Casol.

The Voyage

Mickaël Casol, son and art dealer of Maryse Casol, after graduating from the HEC Montreal business school in May, going to France with Desjardins to visit the banks in Paris and Strasbourg, visit his family and explore the French Riviera in the summer, and go for a weekend in a Range Rover to New York City with his friends in September, organized with his fiancée Noriko Emen, a Maryse Casol art exhibition at the Ristorante Buonanotte in Montreal, Canada, inviting the elite of the city, such as Gary and Grace Oberman, Michael and Yolanda Page, lawyer Pierre Saint-Aubin of BCF, athlete Nordine Taleb and international model Daniel Bernard, on December 4, 2007.

Your Cerisiers en Fleurs painting was part of that 7 works exhibition, where the Maryse Casol guests could also enjoy the paintings Rêveries, Melodia Gitana, Violon Éternel, Fado Romantique, Roses et Lys and Murmure de Cithare.

2005 was a great year! After launching her art career in the fall of 2004, with an exhibition in Côte des Neiges in Montreal, Canada, in a building owned by patron Sam Benatar of the Sidev real estate company, Maryse Casol continued producing and showing amazing paintings with vivid colours inspired from her voyages including: Cerisiers en Fleurs, Parfum de Toscane, Vallée de Baho, Parfum Vénitien, Essence d'Iris, Géranium de Murano, Tendresse, Jardin Secret, Instant de Méditation, Passion Immortelle, Mirroir Fleuri, and Passion, Transcendance, Espoir. Why was 2005 great to you?!

In the 1990s, and early 2000s, Maryse Casol with her family would spend her summer, and sometimes winter vacations in the village of Baho in the South of France, a beautiful region near the sea at the border of Spain. Cerisiers en Fleurs was inspired by that region, and great moment in time.

"Très beau style aux couleurs vives et énergétiques" : Stéphane Cauchies, Montréal, November, 2006


  • Maryse Casol, Montreal, Canada.


  • Ristorante Buonanotte, Montreal, Canada, December 4, 2007.
  • Maryse Casol, 2005 until today.


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  • Google.com/opengallery , Paris, France. From December 2013 to 2014.
  • Maryse Casol, Buonanotte Art Film by Jennifer Daoust, 2007.
  • MaryseCasol.com, since 2005.

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Casol women silk scarf
Casol women silk scarf

Maryse Casol art exhibition, Sofitel Montreal, 2018

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