Maryse Casol

Cerisiers en Fleurs

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• Oil on canvas - Huile sur toile
• 36" x 48" - 91 cm x 122 cm
• Made in Canada
• Signed Casol at the bottom right
• 2005

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In the small village of Baho, near Perpignan in the Pyrénées-Orientales, France at the border of Spain, comes a time of the year in the spring when the cherries blossom. Maryse Casol here with Cerisiers en Fleurs, takes you to this magnificent moment in time, when the warm sun shines on your face, combined with the fresh perfume of the cherry flowers, the music in the accent of the Catalan people, and the amazing views on the distant Canigou mountain, still covered with snow.

In the 1990s, and years 2000s, Maryse Casol with her family would spend her summer, and sometimes winter vacations in this beautiful region near the sea.

2005 was a great year! After launching her art career in the fall of 2004, with an exhibition in Côte des Neiges in Montreal, Canada, in a building owned by patron Sam Benatar of the Sidev real estate company, Maryse Casol continued producing and showing amazing paintings with vivid colours inspired from her voyages including: Cerisiers en Fleurs, Parfum de Toscane, Vallée de Baho, Parfum Vénitien, Essence d'Iris, Géranium de Murano, Tendresse, Jardin Secret, Instant de Méditation, Passion Immortelle, Mirroir Fleuri, and Passion, Transcendance, Espoir. Why was 2005 great to you?

- Casol Gallery, Montreal, Canada

- Ristorante Buonanotte, December 2007, Montreal, Canada.
- Casol Gallery, 2005 until today.

- Google Open Gallery, 2014 until now.
- Gallery, from 2010 to 2017. Marbella, Spain.
-, since 2005.

Maryse Casol
Famous for Giving You Summer All Year Around! Maryse Casol liberates you in a constant Joie de Vivre, with vibrant colours, exotic landscapes, blazing still lives and neo-abstract paintings, inspired from the generous sun of the South of France, numerous journeys around the world, and the different cultures of it's people.

The Story
The story of Maryse Casol started when a little girl from France wanted to travel the world, which she did and came back with treasures, Art that will be given from our children, to their children, for eternity, in a tradition that was embraced many centuries ago (some say even over 100,000 years ago).

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