Roses et Lys

• Artist : Maryse Casol
• Date : 2007
• Photo of the artwork : Daniel Charpentier
• Paper : Supreme Cardboard, 12.6 points, 350 gsm glossy, made in France
• Printed at MP Repro in Montreal, Canada
• FSC eco-friendly and acid free to last for generations
• Comes protected in a Krystal clear, archival acid free envelope
• Includes a Casol hand signed thank you card
• Includes a digital download of the Gentlemen album
• Free shipping with Canada Post in a flat cardboard envelope

My Art Print
Make your home, office or yacht legendary, buy now your Maryse Casol 2007 art print Roses et Lys! The perfect gift for the lover of beauty, offer Roses et Lys to share the symbol of women, the flower.

"Las flores para mi, son... la frescura y la abundancia! " : Noriko Emen-Casol.

Need to put colours in your home? Created by the best artisans in the world, enjoy your Casol art prints with your espresso in the morning, or when guests are visiting over for some drinks at night!

The Story
2007 was a great year! After graduating in business from HEC Montreal, Mickaël Casol, son and art dealer of Maryse Casol, went to France with Desjardins on a mission to visit the banks in Paris and Strasbourg. He also took the opportunity to meet with art collectors, galeries, auctions and museums. Mickaël then went to the South of France to visit his grand-parents in the small village of Baho. This voyage in France would be the foundation on which the Casol company would push the Maryse Casol paintings, but also soon after, launch Casol Villas France.

In December of the same year, a successful Casol art exhibition was organized at Ristorante Buonanotte, attended by famous business executives, lawyers, athletes and models such as Gary and Grace Oberman, Michael and Yolanda Page, Pierre Saint-Aubin, Nordine Taleb and Daniel Bernard. Roses et Lys was part of that show. Why was 2007 great to you?

In 2007, Maryse Casol did 2 other magnificent paintings for you to own: Fado Romantique and Musique des Sphères, a continuation of the 2006 music collection that include Melodia Gitana, Hiver à Paris, Violon Éternel and Murmure de Cithare.


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Maryse Casol

Été Indien

Maryse Casol

Fado Romantique

Maryse Casol

Hiver à Paris

Famille Casol, 1986, Plage de Royan, France

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