Arbre Symbolique

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• Artist : Maryse Casol
• Sennelier Oil on Cotton Canvas
• Canvas : Bambino Gianfrancesco
• 30" x 24" - 76 cm x 61 cm
• Made in Canada
• Signed Casol at the bottom right
• 2003
• Studio photo of the artwork : Maryse Casol

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Painted by Maryse Casol in 2003, using Sennelier oil made in Paris, France at 3 Quai Voltaire facing the Louvre (painting of choice by the greatest artists since 1887, such as Degas, Cézanne and Picasso) , on a custom cotton canvas, mounted on a frame in linden wood made by Bambino Gianfrancesco, owner of Les Cadres et Moulures Majestic, one of the best Italian artisans in the world.

Graduate from the Istituto Tecnico Settore Tecnologico school in Campobasso, Mr. Bambino was also a Track and Field Champion in Europe in the 1960s before coming to Canada!

"Linden wood is the best and most solid, ordinary canvases are usually mounted on pine (lighter wood with knots, that deforms over time due to changing climatic conditions)" : Maryse Casol.

The Voyage

Life, nature and health has always been a passion for Maryse Casol. "Depuis que je suis petite, j'adore les marches dans la nature..." : Maryse Casol.

May 2020, Maryse Casol writes the text (Philosophy and Theory) on her painting Arbre Symbolique.

On the 31st of May, 2006, Maryse Casol exhibited her paintings at the 65th Edition of the Réseau HEC Montreal Charity Golf Tournament at le Golf Les Quatre Domaines, 18400 Chemin Notre-Dame, Mirabel, Québec, Canada!

The painting Géranium et Fruits by Maryse Casol was exhibited and given to a gentleman as a draw, and 4 other paintings were also exhibited at the entrance of the restaurant. Amongs those : Arbre Symbolique and Passion Immortelle. Casol was proud to be a sponsor of this event to raise funds for the HEC Montreal students!

The painting Arbre Symbolique is part of the Maryse Casol art exhibition, "Empreintes, effets d'impressions" at the Sidev Building, 5216 Chemin Côte des Neiges, in Montreal, Canada, from the November 29 - December 12, 2004, organized by the Casol family.

2003 was an amazing year! Maryse Casol completed her studies in arts in December in Canada at l'Académie des Arts et Beaux-Arts de Varennes, published her first book for $12,000 with texts written by Sam Aberg for les Éditions Renaissance, had built a collection of over 15 paintings, and showed some of them at 3 exhibitions at the Novotel Hotel, Marriott Chateau Champlain Hotel and the Mount Stephen Club. It is also the year that her son, Mickaël Casol, started the HEC Montreal business school in September.


Trees are an integral part of the universe and of ourselves. They are for me a great source of inspiration and vitality. The tree symbolizes freedom, the flowers of the Earth, life, eloquence, transcendence and elevation up to the Light.

My desire for spiritual and mystical transcendence is expressed by the representation of the tree and its symbolism. The tree symbolizes my ontological reality. By dematerializing its shapes (flat shapes) and using pure colors without shades, I express my quest of ontological elevation for an evolution to the mystical transcendence. The refinement of matter to the spiritual allows us to evolve towards spiritual transcendence through knowledge, reason and reflection.

The entelechy of self-fulfillment then manifests itself through light, simplicity, beauty, harmony, virtue, love, joy, knowledge, eloquence and greatness of the soul.

"The Tree symbolizes all these moral and metaphysical values that edify the being." : Maryse Casol.


In classical-modern art, the artwork is subject to a composition-rhetoric. There are several forms of compositions, the main ones being 1) the horizontal, 2) the classic diagonal, 3) the frontal diagonal, 4) the pyramidal, 5) the vertical, 6) the narrative, 7) the horizontal narrative, 8) the narrative horizontal and 9) the frontal horizontal, each carrying a deep iconographic sense.

The composition of the artwork shown here, Arbre Symbolique, is a frontal horizontal, made in post-Fauvism.

In a frontal horizontal composition, the protagonist element is placed at the edge of the composition, preceded by a minimal spatial entry. The elements are positioned vertically, but expand horizontally. When you want to express something of importance, you use the horizontal frontal. In this case, it's the symbol of the tree that is important : the freedom, knowledge and intellectual transcendence.

Fauvism is an art movement whose evolution spread out only from 1903 to 1910, but which is the substrate of modern art. The word "fauve" is used for the first time by the art critic Louis Vauxcelles, during the Salon d'Automne of 1905 at the Grand Palais in Paris, who exclaimed: "Donatello among the wild beasts!" (with reference to the 2 sculptures in marble by Albert Marque in Renaissance style, standing among these Fauvist paintings), seeing the works of the painters, in pure and vivid colors on exhibition by Henri Matisse, André Derain, Albert Marquet, Maurice de Vlaminck, Kees Van Dongen, Charles Camoin and Jean Puy.

Fauvism expresses the sense of looking at oneself : ontos. (ref. definition of onto: Element, from the Greek ôn, ontos "being". Color translates into a search for oneself. It is ontocolorism.

Fauvism art deconstructs nature to mould it according to the individuality of the painter. It is symbolized and exalted by colors. The space is combined by the chromatic exaltation and the eradication of perspective.

The eradication of perspective by raising the horizon line in the work is a way of expressing the present time (presentism). The truncation of some elements is a very important parameter, allowing to express the kinetics-temporal (movement in time), and kinetics-light effects (movement of light which becomes the subject). Hence, in the Maryse Casol painting Arbre Symbolique the combination of movement, time and light, is the principal subject of the work.

The expressive power is created by the purification of the flat shapes, the exuberance of color, and the simplicity of large deconstructed spaces.

"Art is transcended only in the synthesis of its simplicity" : Gustave Moreau.


  • Maryse Casol, Montreal, Canada.


  • Maryse Casol art exhibition, 65th Edition - Réseau HEC Montreal Charity Golf Tournament, Golf Les Quatre Domaines 18400 Chemin Notre-Dame, Mirabel, Québec, Canada, May 31, 2006
  • Sidev Building, Côte des Neiges, Montreal, Canada, Fall 2004. Organized by Mickaël and Maryse Casol.
  • Maryse Casol, 2003 until now.


  •, since 2004.

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Casol women silk scarf

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