The Artist

Maryse Casol is a French/Italian contemporary artist and creative director at Casol.

Famous for Giving You Summer All Year Around! Maryse Casol liberates you in a constant Joie de Vivre, with vibrant colours, exotic landscapes, blazing still lives and neo-abstract paintings, inspired from the generous sun of the South of France, numerous journeys around the world, and the different cultures of it's people.

On a second, and deeper level, Casol uses the theory of fine arts and literature, to offer you pure spaces, simplicity of the form, greatness and meditative power of the colour, that are conjugated to express the Sublime, the nobility of heart, transcendence, and the Timeless.

Painting Essentielle Simplicité I by artist Maryse Casol

Available for you from Europe to the Americas, the Maryse Casol paintings can be found in private collections, artworks on paper, square silk scarves and notecards in Montreal, New York, Paris, London and many other cities.

Born in Libourne, France in 1957, Maryse Casol started the arts at the age of 2, when her father Mario bought her, her first brushes, paper and colours.

Maryse Casol, Sofitel Montreal Art Exhibition

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