• Artist : Maryse Casol
• Date : 2009
• Photo of the artwork : Daniel Charpentier
• Printed at MP Repro in Montreal, Canada
• Paper : Made in France, Supreme Glossy, 12.6 points, 350 gsm, archival acid free and FSC eco-friendly to make your print last for generations!
• Comes protected in a Krystal clear, archival acid free envelope
• Includes a Casol hand signed thank you card
• Includes a digital download of the Gentlemen album
• Includes shipping by Fedex in a flat cardboard envelope

My Art Print
Make your home, office or yacht legendary, buy now your Maryse Casol 2009 art print Exaltation! The perfect gift for the freedom lover, offer Exaltation to share the vacations at the beach!

Created by the best artisans in the world, your Casol art prints will always make you happy when enjoying your espresso in the morning, or when guests are visiting over for some drinks at night!

The Story
2009 was an amazing year! After making the Casol silk scarves in Lyon, France and promoting them in the Americas, Europe and the UAE in 2008, Casol launched in May, 2009 the campaign "Je Suis Une Fauve", promoting the Maryse Casol art, with a fashion show and a samba dance extravaganza at the Time Supper Club in Montreal, with a short film and photoshoot that came with it! Why was 2009 great to you?

In 2009, Maryse Casol did 5 other magnificent paintings for you to own: Oasis de Lumière, Enlassement, Sérénité, Essentielle Simplicité I and Symbiose, all touching the theme of love.

You desire to use this image for an Editorial such as your newspaper, magazine (except for covers), TV broadcast, non-commercial website, documentary, blog or social media post of public interest? Buy it now with the License option and we will send you the digital HD image by email. Anyone in your organisation can use the image an unlimited number of times for up to 15 years, worldwide, with uncapped indemnification.

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