Essentielle Simplicité II

• Artist : Maryse Casol
• Date : 2010
• Photo of the artwork : Daniel Charpentier
• Paper : Supreme Cardboard, 12.6 points, 350 gsm glossy, made in France
• Printed at MP Repro in Montreal, Canada
• FSC eco-friendly and acid free to last for generations
• Comes protected in a Krystal clear, archival acid free envelope
• Includes a Casol hand signed thank you card
• Includes a digital download of the Gentlemen album
• Free shipping with Canada Post in a flat cardboard envelope

My Art Print
Make your home, office or yacht legendary, buy now your Maryse Casol 2010 art print Essentielle Simplicité II! The perfect gift for the nature lover, offer Essentielle Simplicité II to share the freedom with your family and friends!

"L’Arbre symbolise toutes ces valeurs morales et métaphysiques qui édifient l’Être. " : Maryse Casol.

Need to put colours in your home? Created by the best artisans in the world, enjoy your Casol art prints with your espresso in the morning, or when guests are visiting over for some drinks at night!

The Story
2010 was an amazing year, on July 17, the son and art dealer of Maryse Casol, Mickaël Casol, married the beautiful Noriko Emen from Panama in a magical Spanish style wedding in old Montreal. Why was 2010 great to you?

Your Essentielle Simplicité II painting, is part of a 13 paintings collection created by Maryse Casol, titled: "Ceci N'est Pas Un Arbre", hinting at the fact that the trees in the paintings, are more than a landscape from our world, but a symbol of freedom.


Call: +1.514.947.6153


Maryse Casol

Été Indien

Maryse Casol

Fado Romantique

Maryse Casol

Hiver à Paris

Famille Casol, 1986, Plage de Royan, France

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