Mickaël Casol, Greece, Summer 2002

Mickaël Casol, Greece, Summer 2002

• Artist: Daniel Bernard
• Printed on Fuji Photo Glossy Paper
• Made at Camtec in Montreal, Canada
• Signed Mickaël Casol in the front
• Comes protected in a Krystal clear, archival acid free envelope
• Includes shipping by Canada Post in a flat cardboard envelope

Make your home legendary, buy now your Mickaël Casol signed photography Greece, Summer 2002! The perfect gift for the fashionista, frame it at your local atelier, and give it to him or her, to share the Greek glamour, and create a timeless luxury apartment, villa or yacht.

During the summer of 2002, Mickaël Casol went for one month in Greece to promote his album Gentlemen. This great photo was taken by his friend and model from Montreal, Daniel Bernard, on the rooftop terrace of the Hotel Novotel.


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