Grand Prix de France, 1986

$20 USD

• Artist: Isabelle Casol
• Size of the Art Print : 8' x 10' / 20 cm x 25 cm
• Paper : Supreme Cardboard, 12.6 points, 350 gsm glossy, made in France
• Printed at MP Repro in Montreal, Canada
• FSC eco-friendly and acid free to last for generations
• Comes protected in a Krystal clear, archival acid free envelope
• Ships flat with protective cardboard in 7 days
• Includes taxes
• Free shipping when you buy over $300 USD

My Casol Photo
Make your home or office magnificent, buy now your Casol photography Grand Prix de France 1986! The perfect gift for the travel lover, frame it and offer Grand Prix de France 1986 to share the joy of the children in summer, and create a timeless luxury apartment, villa or yacht!

"It was perfect, we would eat croissants in the morning, watch cartoons, bike, fish, throw firecrackers, go to the beach and then play some more with our friends until late at night!" : Mickaël Casol.

Need to put life in your home? Created by the best artisans in the world, enjoy your Casol photos with an espresso in the morning, or when guests are visiting over for some drinks at night!

The Story
Travel back in time! The Casol family at the Royan beach in 1986, during the summer vacations in Charente-Maritime in France on the Atlantic side. In the red car in front, Nicolas Casol, in the blue one a friend, and in the white, Mickaël Casol. In the back, the adults watching! Tonton Alain, Papi Toinou, Mamie, Fanfan and Maman Casol.

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Gift for Madame?

Casol women silk scarf
Casol women silk scarf

Maryse Casol, Ceci N'est Pas Un Arbre 6, painting 2011

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