Maria Elena Paganini : Creative Minds in the World of Art

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• Art book by Maria Elena Paganini
• Featuring the artists, art dealers and curators : Colp One, Manuel Ardura (Manú), Maraya Araya, Aurora Cid, Bibi Román, Bernardo Navarro Tomas, Simona Marziani, Fernando Francés García, Helena Maclean, Gabriela Girs (Gabynsky Art), Jose Ramón Sala, Carolina Koziski, Lolo Zapico, Javier Gomez, Alberto Besga, Marco Aurelio, Sasha Alexander Sergeef, Esteban Campuzano, Imre Müller, Marija Kjurchieva, Shahed Kavousi, Ursula Salvador, J.J Corpas, Pilar Cerezo, Javier Pacheco, Almeyda, Maria Koepp, Antonio Camba, Juan E. Mendoza, Diogo Ribeiro, Bong Delfin, Manuel Neto, Rockaxson, Walter Francia, Antonio Roa, Mitia Breckenridge, Anhelo, Marta Maldonado, Hannes D'Haese, Juan Danna, Curro Leyton, Luis Navarro Castillo, Clamar, Maryse Casol, Helga Dietrich, Antonio Garcia - Yanes, Rosalba Celis Anaya, Zoe Marmentini and Jorge Paganini de la Torre.
• Signed Maryse Casol, dated, and numbered on the first white page + the drawing L'Arbre de Vie
• Signed and drawing using archival acid free pens Sakura and Molotow
• Limited edition of 1,000
• Published in Marbella, Spain in 2021
• 9.45" x 11" - 24 cm x 28 cm
• 208 Pages
• Texts by Maria Elena Paganini, the artists, art dealers and curators + Quotes by famous artists such as Basquiat, Monet and Matisse
• Hard cover
• Comes protected in a Krystal clear, archival acid free envelope
• Includes taxes + shipping with Fedex

My Book

Book collector? Buy now your signed copy by Maryse Casol of the Maria Elena Paganini art book : Creative Minds in the World of Art! Published in Marbella, Spain, the book features some of the best artists of 2021 and will be perfect to make your home or office unique! Want to learn about art? Enjoy your Paganini art book with an espresso or drink, travel to a place where time does not exist anymore, and enrich your cultural knowledge!

Valentina Casol, 3 years old, looking at her grand mother's painting, asks: "Mamie, pourquoi tu fais ça?", and Mamie replied "Parce que je suis peintre et j'adore la couleur ma chérie!" :
Maryse Casol.

Page 181

"Nowadays the world of art is influenced directly or indirectly by various marketing strategies aimed at introducing emerging artists and promoting those who are already well established. This book will be delivered to museums and art galleries in all the major cities around the globe, so that the most influential people in this sector will be able to discover the works of each one of these talented creators. My desire is that whosoever browses this book will discover a wealth of valuable references. This project is very close to my heart as every copy is almost a work of art in itself, having created the book with great artists..." : Maria Elena Paganini.

"... Contemporary art offers a space of liberty in which the artist and observer can see the world with new eyes, particularly in the era of chaos and crisis we are experiencing." :
Maria Elena Paganini.

Your art book Creative Minds in the World of Art by Maria Elena Paganini include the 4 paintings by Maryse Casol : Sérénité (page 180), Enlacement (page 181), Ceci N'est Pas Un Arbre II (page 181) and Exaltation (page 182).

"A picture is a poem without words" : Horace.

Exhibited (includes but not limited)

  • El Museo Living Apartments, Málaga, Spain
  • CAC Málaga | Centro de arte contemporáneo de Málaga, Spain
  • Paganini Art Gallery, Regensburg, Germany
  • Palacio de la Zarzuela, home of the Spanish Royal Family in Madrid, Spain
  • Galería Fernández-Braso, Madrid, Spain
  • Hotel Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid, Spain
  • Ángeles Muñoz Uriol, Alcaldesa de Marbella (Mayor), Spain
  • Hotel Marbella Club, Spain
  • Bulgari boutique, Puerto Banus, Spain
  • Puerto de Sotogrande, Spain
  • Museo Nacional del Prado, Museum, Spain
  • Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid, Spain
  • Galería Marlborough, Madrid, Spain
  • CASOL, Montreal, Canada
  • Homes of the artists around the world

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