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Casol square silk scarf

1. Made in France

Casol square silk scarves are made in Lyon, a city in east-central France. Lyon is the third-largest French city, the first being Paris and the second Marseille. It is a major centre of business, located between Paris and Cote d'Azur, and has a reputation as the French capital of gastronomy and a significant role in the history of cinema. Lyon is known to be the silk capital of the world and a fashion center.

2. How to care for my Casol silk scarf?
Dry clean only. Casol silk scarves are hand rolled by the finest couturiere in the city of Lyon and are made out of twill 14 silk. Putting your scarf in a regular washing machine would cause great harm 
 to both colours and stitching.

However, if your silk scarf is wrikled, you can iron it but only from the back side and at low intensity.

3. Silk Scarf Collecting
Are you a square silk scarf collector? High quality silk scarves are collectibles that gain value if properly preserved. Discover the 4 rare Casol silk scarves that make the collection: Melodia Gitana, Hiver a Paris, Fado Romantique and Été Indien.