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New York Fall Art

Thursday October 28, 2010

Working at Marlborough Gallery for the past two years, I am proud to announce our Chelsea location’s invasion of artist, Claudio Bravo.  Bravo is one of our top selling artists and masters in the realm of Classical and representational art; I have even in fact purchased a Bravo work from the gallery as my first major acquisition and had the great pleasure of just recently meeting the artist while at work.  The exhibition, which goes through November, occupies both floors of Marlborough Chelsea and exhibits his recent portfolio from the past couple of years.  I have been a part of countless shows at Marlborough Gallery and this is one that I am particularly excited about.  

I happen to love all different periods and styles of art, and do not limit my appreciation to any one movement.  Among my favorites, ever since I was a child watching Pokemon before school in the morning, is anime and Japanimation.  I absolutely love works by Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara, so I was of course quite pleased to find a public exhibition of Nara’s work up along Park Avenue.  This public display entitled White Ghost contains large-scale sculptures depicting young children and animals, reflecting the artist’s childhood.  So whether strolling the city or cruising around town, ask your cab driver to take Park Avenue as a preferred route and catch a glimpse of these whimsical white sculptures.

Lastly is a tip that I share with many art appreciators and is one that not many people are aware of.  Sotheby’s and Christie’s, New York’s two most important art auction houses, conduct their major sales in the fall and the spring: Modern and Impressionist in November and Post-War and Contemporary in May.  Before sales there are previews, where all the works being featured in the auction are on display for prospective buyers to view.  These previews are free and exhibit some of the most influential and stunning art work ever created by blue chip artists.  Such works after being sold into private collections for tens of millions of dollars will never be on view to the public again, so it is definitely a treat to attend these previews and take in fine art by the world’s most acclaimed and notable artists that is unlikely to be on public display again.  

New York exhibits more art at any given moment than one could possibly have the time or energy to visit.  These noted exhibits that are taking place now are a few of my personal favorites and in my opinion are some shows worth checking out.  But I encourage art lovers to get out there and explore the city which is a great Mecca for fine art and creativity.  If my recommendations don’t suit your taste or if you’re not sure where to go in search of art that tickles your fancy, start out in Chelsea on 24th, 25th or 26th Streets between 10th and 11th Avenues and there’s bound to be a gallery that is showing something that you can relate to.  Or, the Met, MoMA, Guggenheim, Whitney or New Museum in the Bowery should pique some interest as well.  And if you do enjoy my art picks, stay tuned for new recommendations and tips to come!

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