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Casol twill silk scarf

Casol interview with NYC fashion reporter Nicolette and the City

July 16th, 2008

Maryse Casol - Luxury Scarf Designer

A few months ago I had the honor of interviewing the Art Dealer of Maryse Casol, Mickael Casol, who is launching a luxury line of silk scarves. Posting of this interview was scheduled to interact with the promotion and launch of the silk scarves, which is currently taking place. Today I will post my entire interview with Mickael Casol, as well as some history of the company, and later this week there will be video footage of the exclusive interview.

Maryse Casol
is a successful artist who creates oil on canvas paintings. Since launching in August 2004 in Montreal, Maryse Casol has become internationally admired and respected. Clients range from London, Dubai, Paris, and New York, to name a few.  Maryse Casol is ready to continue its reign by conquering another competitive industry - fashion. Particularly, creating a line of luxury silk scarves for female clients to wear and enjoy. Each silk scarf will have an actual art piece from her collection imprinted onto the scarf. Currently, there are four to choose from and are very exclusive. The scarves have eye catching colors and when fully opened and admired, exhibit a warm and peaceful art work.

I met with Mickael Casol at Christie’s in Manhattan. I was able to personally touch, see and wear the scarves myself. The silk is absolutely impeccable and the colors will add spirit and grace to any woman’s wardrobe. Mickael Casol and I spoke about the scarves, why Maryse Casol chose to begin with scarves as their introduction into fashion, as well as their goals for Maryse Casol in the future.

NC: Why did Maryse Casol begin a line of luxury scarves?

  Our paintings are for a select clientele that are able to spend a certain amount on a painting they will love and feel the warmth. By placing our artworks on silk scarves anyone can now own our artworks. A woman, who buys our scarves, will have an artwork surrounding her, as well as the warmth a Casol painting brings. Beginning our adventure into fashion, scarves was the most obvious choice. The size of a silk scarf is able to capture the painting in its entirety and still exhibit the warmth and feelings a Casol painting brings to one.

Describe the scarves that you are producing.

 35" x 35 ", our scarves are manufactured in Lyon, France by Bianchini Férier, world leaders in the printing of silk scarves. Lyon is the world city for producing silk and has been for 400 years. They have produced silk for Kings and Queens. I wanted absolute luxury and high quality silk for my clients. The borders of our scarves are hand rolled and the silk is very genuine and luxurious against the skin. In limited edition of 100 per model, the Casol scarves will retail at $375, will be available exclusively online at and come in a hand made little white canvas Maryse Casol gift box.

NC: Who is your ideal clientele for your luxury scarves?

The perfect client for our scarves would be a woman who is sophisticated, unique, exclusive, beautiful, and alludes creativity. She would be a professional woman, housewife, mother or sister that wants to be outstanding. She will want to add a touch of art, a touch of warmth, a touch of color to her wardrobe in order to show her creativity and power as a woman. A successful woman.

NC: Why should clients buy your scarves?

After looking at the market, Emilio Pucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, there is a lack of art. There are some colors, but not actual art. When someone buys an art piece they buy it because they like the colors, it gives energy, provides a good mood, art provides light where there is darkness. These things make the client smile and want to buy the product. I am giving my clients these same feelings through the scarf. They will see the artwork and feel all these wonderful emotions. Able to own the artworks threw the scarves, a woman will now be able to wrap those emotions around herself.

NC: Maryse Casol has exceptional goals of becoming the number one brand in producing luxury silk scarves. After personally touching and feeling the soft silk scarves I do not have any doubt that they will succeed in their goals. The silk is absolute pure luxury on any woman’s neck, and no woman will want to be without it. Maryse Casol hopes to expand in the future and place their art work on handbags, ties and even beach towels. Therefore, a true jet setting successful woman can show her appreciation of luxury and art through many forms of fashion. From lying on a yacht in St. Tropez to the beach in the Hamptons, art, luxury and fashion is the universal language for any woman.

Nicolette and the City

From the original New York interview - Mars 2008