Maryse Casol

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January 30

Maryse Casol Exhibtion 2007


2007. Exhibition at Buonanotte featuring oil on canvas paintings Rêveries, Melodia Gitana and Cerisiers en Fleurs by Maryse Casol.

Melodia Gitana will soon be featured in the BG Life Magazine in Spain,
thanks to Mrs. Shahed Kavousi, art dealer at the Kasser Rassu Gallery in Marbella.

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July 27

Maryse Casol - Google Open Gallery 2009

Maryse Casol 2009 exhibition using the new Google Open Gallery technology

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May 11

Maryse Casol - Roses & Lys Contemporary Art


Aujourd'hui, nous voulons t'honorer.
Today, we want to honour you.

Joyeuse Fête des Mères!
Happy Mother's Day!

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April 28

Maryse Casol and Valentina Casol, Peter Doig Exhibition, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, April 2014

Artist Maryse Casol and her grand daughter Valentina Casol at the Peter Doig Exhibition, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, April 2014.

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December 10


Maryse Casol / Google Open Gallery

Maryse Casol & Google Open Gallery

Paris - December 10, 2013

Contemporary artist Maryse Casol and Google launches today the much anticipated Google Open Gallery. Part of the Google Cultural Institute, you can now experience the Maryse Casol story with rich online exhibits that feature paintings with a very powerful zoom, videos, texts and exciting technology features provided by Google.

L'artiste contemporaine Maryse Casol et Google lancent aujourd'hui la très anticipée Google Open Gallery. Partie intégrante du Google Cultural Institute, vous pouvez maintenant vivre l'histoire de Maryse Casol avec de riches expositions en ligne, dont les tableaux sont mis en valeur grâce à un zoom très puissant, des vidéos, textes et des technologies excitantes par Google.

Maryse Casol & Google Open Gallery
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